Meet Chan

Consultant. Connector. Collaborator. With more than 20+years experience as a financial literacy consultant, Chan’s expertise in project management, business and public relations, real estate  and networking makes her the go-to guru for business and life planning solutions.

Chan’s passion for success is written all over her. Her integrity is illuminated through her infectious smile, and her energy encourages. Chan has decided to share her expertise through the creation of Check with Chan.

Chan’s goal is to be an essential part of your financial planning, credit counseling  and entrepreneurial empowerment.

Chan is different from the competition because she lends the knowledge and skill that enables her clients to effectively manage their personal and business finances. Chan takes out the guesswork and lays the  groundwork for you to make your long term life decisions work.

At Check with Chan, her end goal is to connect you with the perfect business dynamic and incorporate the most sensible platform to allow you to become more successful personally and professionally. So be sure to Check with Chan.